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Gun-ak grey.png
Damage 353739
Inaccuracy 4.5°
Moving / Sneaking inaccuracy addition 3° / 1°
Range 120120120 SAU
Bullet speed 172186200 SAU/s
Armor piercing 1
Rate of fire 333 RPM
Automatic Yes
Magazine size 30
Reload time 1.35s
Noisiness 250 SAU
Movement speed -12.5%
Bullet type Ammo big bullets.png Big Bullets

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The AK is an automatic assault rifle. It has a medium firing speed and is effective at most distances.

Weapon Statistics[edit | edit source]

The maximum rarity of the AK is Rare.

The weapon spawns with two boxes of 20 Ammo big bullets.png Big Bullets each. Every shot consumes one bullet. There are in total 2 gun sound variants.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The AK has a good rate of fire, damage, clip size, and accuracy, making it well-suited for many different combat scenarios.

The AK has one of the lowest movement speeds in the game, making its user sluggish compared to other weapons. It is also outclassed in damage by faster weapons in close combat.

Keep a distance from the opponent while using this weapon, and be aware of surrounding dead angles to prevent getting ambushed by opponents who use the Shotgun or the SMG.

Damage based on distance[edit | edit source]

Damage output depends on the distance traveled by a bullet before it hits the target. A bullet fired from the AK can travel up to 120 SAU, or 960px.

point blank
39 DMG
20 SAU
37.78 DMG
40 SAU
36.56 DMG
60 SAU
35.34 DMG
80 SAU
34.13 DMG
100 SAU
32.91 DMG
120 SAU
31.69 DMG
37 DMG
35.75 DMG
34.49 DMG
33.24 DMG
31.98 DMG
30.73 DMG
29.47 DMG
35 DMG
33.7 DMG
32.41 DMG
31.11 DMG
29.81 DMG
28.52 DMG
27.22 DMG

Skins[edit | edit source]

Weapon appearance can be customized with one of the following weapon skins:

Gun-ak grey.png

Default AK

Gun-ak blue.png

Blue AK

Gun-ak purple.png

Purple AK

Gun-ak yellow.png

Yellow AK

Gun-ak green.png

Green AK

Gun-ak orange.png

Orange AK

Gun-ak pink.png

Pink AK

Gun-ak red.png

Red AK

Derivatives[edit | edit source]

The AK is based of the series of assault riffles known as the Avtomát Kaláshnikova, or the Kalashnikov Automatic Rifles.