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Armor is an equippable pickup item, that can prevent gun bullets, melee weapon attacks, and partially explosions, from harming the animal, while being damaged itself in the process. An armor item can provide protection of 1 to 3 armor, which can be seen on the armor bar. A single melee attack will strip away 1 bar of armor. Ammo little bullets.png Little Bullets, Ammo big bullets.png Big Bullets and Ammo shells.png Shells will strip away 1 bar of armor with each bullet/pellet that hits the animal. Ammo sniper.png Sniper Bullets will strip all 3 bars of armor, meaning it can destroy any type of armor in a single hit.

Super Animal Royale includes three levels of armor, which will degrade to their damaged versions upon losing armor bars. It is possible to repair the armor with Super Tape, even if there are no armor bars left.

Name Image
Level 1
Bodyarmor level 1.png
Broken bodyarmor level 1.png
Level 2
Bodyarmor level 2.png
Heavily damaged bodyarmor level 2.png
Broken bodyarmor level 2.png
Level 3
Bodyarmor level 3.png
Slightly damaged bodyarmor level 3.png
Heavily damaged bodyarmor level 3.png
Broken bodyarmor level 3.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Armor cannot protect from poison gas, or from being rolled over by a hamster ball. These attacks will reduce animal's health directly.
  • An animal that runs out of health while still having armor equipped will drop an armor pickup next to its gravestone.
  • Armor will absorb gun bullets near their maximum range, without taking any damage. This mostly affects the Shotgun when shot from afar.