Cackling Carl's Cart

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Cackling Carl, the owner of Cackling Carl's Cart.

Cackling Carl's Cart is a shop owned by Cackling Carl.

NewMenuCoinIcon.pngCarl's Coins are a free currency that can be obtained from matches and Super Animal Passes. Players earn 1 coin every 12 seconds survived in a match, or 1 every 6 seconds if they own the Super Edition DLC. The coins were created by Cackling Carl himself and can be used to buy items at the Cackling Carl's Cart.

Items Rotated Through Shop[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It's unknown whether he's a part of Super Animal Super Resistance or he just snatch the outfit from dead members of the Rebellion.
  • He using any type of Armor as the cart's roof.
  • He's been seen on Free Update Trailer as he's the one who causing S.A.W Park become free.