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Disambig gray.svg This article is about Deagle (Gun). For transportation, see Giant Eagle.

Gun deagle grey.png
Damage 6063
Inaccuracy 2.5°
Range 646678 SAU
Speed 220234 SAU per second
Armor piercing 2
Rate of fire 154 RPM
Automatic No
Magazine size 7
Reload time 1.4 sec
Noisiness 270 SAU
Movement speed -6.25%
Bullet type Ammo little bullets.png Little Bullets

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Deagle is a weapon with a slow firing rate and high damage. Its bullets remove 2 bars of armor. Deagle exists in Epic and Legendary qualities.

It acts and serves as a higher quality replacement for the Magnum. It is both a Mole Crate drop and has a chance of spawning as floor loot.

Weapon statistics[edit | edit source]

Ammo spawning next to weapon: Two boxes of 7 bullets, 14 in total.

Bullets per shot: 1

Gun sound variants: 4

Damage based on distance[edit | edit source]

Damage output depends on the distance traveled by a bullet before it hits the target. A bullet fired from the Deagle can travel up to 120 SAU, or 960px.

point blank
63 DMG
20 SAU
61.14 DMG
40 SAU
59.28 DMG
60 SAU
57.42 DMG
80 SAU
55.57 DMG
100 SAU
53.71 DMG
120 SAU
51.85 DMG
60 DMG
58.14 DMG
56.28 DMG
54.43 DMG
52.57 DMG
50.71 DMG
48.85 DMG

Derivatives[edit | edit source]

The Deagle is based off the Desert Eagle.