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The Delivery Mole
Mole crate

Delivery Mole will appear twice per battle at random locations, and deliver a crate that holds high rarity loot, some of which is only obtainable via the mole's crate. When the mole arrives, an on-screen message notifies players (and while the mole is digging, the mole's location can be seen on the map and mini-map). The mole will dig through the ground for a few seconds and then leave behind a crate.

Mole crateEdit

The Mole crate can be opened to reveal a set of 3 random items out of the following, at least one of which is a weapon or grenade:

In addition to 3 items, the Mole crate may contain some of the following pickups:

Super MilestonesEdit

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The following cosmetic items can be unlocked by reaching milestones of mole crates opened.

Mole Crate Shirt
5 Mole Crates Opened

20 Mole Crates Opened