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Drops occur when a player's match ends (through death, team death or match won). Through these drops, the player is awarded XP and DNA Fox.png Animal DNA, with a chance to also receiveSuper serum.png Super Serum, Super Magnets, and/or Customizations.

For the equations shown below the 'Time Survived' value is measured in total minutes and seconds expressed as a decimal value. Ex. 5 min and 30 seconds would be read as a value of 5.50.

This value starts to be measured at the spawning of the Deagle (Where players eject from to start their match). The 'Time Survived' value finishes being measured once the player (solo) or team (duo/squads) has been eliminated.

XP[edit | edit source]

The formula for gaining Experience Points (XP) is as follows: 5 + floor(a * 6) + (2 * b) where a is amount of time survived (decimal value) and b is the amount of kills.

Players earn 1xp per 10 seconds survived. Players earn 2xp for each opponent killed.

The player is granted 5 XP for playing a match. XP gained from Time Survived is calculated by measuring the time between the Giant Eagle spawning and the player (solo) or team (duo/squads) being eliminated, including decimal values. This number is multiplied by 6 and then "floored" (rounded down to the nearest whole number). For example, 5.2 minutes x 6 = 31.2 -> 31 exp. This value is then added to the 5 base XP and the XP gained from kills to determine the total XP awarded.

XP is given to the player after a match. When the player gets enough XP, their Level will increase.

DNA Fox.pngAnimal DNA[edit | edit source]

The amount of DNA dropped after a match is determined by the equation Time Survived • (1.99 to 3.01) = DNA. The value between 1.99 and 3.01 is randomly chosen by the game. The time survived is multiplied by this value, and is then rounded to the nearest whole number.

DNA reward at the end of a game has a 25% chance of being an undiscovered Super Animal Breed (if you have any undiscovered animals left to discover at your level -- not including animals at higher levels)

The species of the DNA is chosen randomly from all species available at the player's Level or lower.

After a match that results in the player reaching Level 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30, the player will receive DNA corresponding to one of the animal types which the respective level unlocks. Normal calculations are performed to determine the base amount of DNA earned, and a bonus of either 2, 3, or 4 times the DNA is applied to the drop.

Super serum.pngSuper Serum[edit | edit source]

After each match, there is a 40% chance Super Serum will be awarded to the player.

The following equation explains the amount of super serum awarded: (0 to 1) • ((Time Survived • 1.21) + 2) = Super Serum

The value '0 to 1' is rolled by the game. Note that this means it is possible to pass the 40% check and still receive no serum.

If the player gets at least one kill during a match, the minimum amount of Serum they can receive becomes 1.

Super Magnets[edit | edit source]

Super Magnets are awarded when the value of time survived multiplied by 0.02 is less than a random value between 0.0 and 1.0 (chosen by the game)

Shown here: IF Time Survived • 0.02 ≤ (0.0 to 1.0) THEN Super Magnet is Awarded

This award system is unique from the other systems as the general rule of 'longer survival equating to better rewards' isn't strictly true. In this calculation, the game chooses a value between 0.0 and 1.0. After the match, IF the value of multiplying the time survived by 0.02 is less than or equal to the value chosen by the game, only then is a magnet awarded.

Ex. Player survived 2 min 30 seconds. Game chose a value of 0.3. 2.50 • 0.02 ≤ (0.3) -> 0.05 ≤ (0.3) This equation is true, and so the player is awarded a Super Magnet.

Ex. Player survived 6 min 30 seconds. Game chose a value of 0.1 6.50 • 0.02 ≤ (0.1) -> 0.13 ≤ (0.1) This equation is not true, and so the player is not awarded a Super Magnet.

Customizations[edit | edit source]

This is the new method of calculating customization drops as of 19 July, 2019

Cutsomizations are now calculated by time survived when you die or win. Your time survived is added to your existing percent, and then a roll happens, resulting in either getting something or not. If you get something, your chance is reset to 1% for next game.

Time Survived[edit | edit source]

Time survived is calculated in 3 stages.

1. First, your survival time factor is calculated. This involves taking your minutes survived and dividing by 6.5 (6.5 represents the average maximum game length). So if you survived 3.5 minutes, that would put your survival time factor at 0.538. If you survived more than 6.5 mins, it would cap it at 1.0.

2. Second, it uses the previous factor to calculate the actual chance per minute survived. The factor is multiplied with 2.3%, so continuing the example, this would put your chance per minute at 1.2374% (ie 0.538 times 2.3%).

3. Third, it finally takes the minutes survived and multiply by the chance. The example would be 1.2374% times 3.5 minutes = 4.33%. This final percent is added to your existing percent and then the Mole does his roll. Note that the minutes survived here is not capped by 6.5.

To determine the rarity of a customization, a random roll from 0 to 100 is performed. The following results will produce a customization of the respective rarity.

Customization Rarity
Roll (from 0-100) % Chance Customization Rarity
0-2 2.97 Legendary
3-10 7.92 Epic
11-30 19.8 Rare
31-58 27.72 Uncommon
59-100 41.58 Common

The item chosen can be from any customization category. If the player already owns the randomly selected cosmetic, the roll will be made a second time on the same rarity to potentially avoid giving the player a duplicate item.