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Guns are ranged weapons that require ammunition to fire. They can be found all around the map, with the exception of Legendary guns, which are available only from the Mole crate.

List of available guns[edit | edit source]

Rarities[edit | edit source]

The gun rarities consist of 5 tiers, and each gun is only available in certain rarities (displayed underneath their image above).


Gun rarities directly affect the weapon's stats, and are not to be confused with weapon skin rarities, which only affect the chances of obtaining a skin, if it is available as a random drop.

Movement inaccuracy[edit | edit source]

Each gun has an individual inaccuracy, expressed in degrees. When firing, bullets spread at a random angle within those inaccuracy values. Moving affects gun inaccuracy by multiplying it with the values shown below:

Inaccuracy multiplier
Standing still 1
Sneaking 1.1
Moving 1.3

Range & damage drop off[edit | edit source]

While each gun has individual range, a bullet cannot travel further than 120 SAU, which is the equivalent of half a screen's width at any resolution. Beyond 120 SAU, gun range only affects its damage at higher distances. Gun damage shown on the wiki pages is "at barrel", or point blank range. The damage will drop off the further away the target is, following the formula: actual damage = (1 - (distance ÷ range)) * damage.

See the below diagram for a visual explanation.

Damage Distance Diagram

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