Hunting Rifle

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Hunting Rifle
Gun rifle grey-resources.assets-1277.png
Damage 808590
Bullet Range 120120120 SAU
Damage Dropoff (higher is slower) 92010101100
Bullet Speed 240250260 SAU/s
Armor Pierce 3
Hamster Ball Pierce 2/3
Spawn Ratio 3.41%
Automatic No
Shot Interval 0.15s
Rate of Fire 75 RPM
Bullet Type Ammo sniper.png Sniper Bullets
Magazine Capacity 1
Reload Time 0.8s
Noisiness 300 SAU
Move Speed 94%
Move Speed (shooting) 68%
Basic recoil while stationary / creeping / running 0° / 0.5° / 1.5°
Recoil added per shot while stationary or creeping / running 10° / 12°
Min recoil while jump roll / crouch roll 1.5° / 0.5°
Max recoil 30°
Recoil reset per second while stationary / creeping / running 20° / 19.5° / 19°

The Hunting Rifle is a hard hitting break-action weapon with a very slow firing rate. Its bullets have a high velocity and remove all Armor.

Weapon statistics[edit | edit source]

The gun spawns with two box of 5 Ammo sniper.png Sniper Bullets next to it. The Hunting Rifle has three rarities, Common, Uncommon, and Rare.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Similar with the Sniper but with a small magazine capacity, the Hunting Rifle can break even the strongest armor in a single shot and deals massive damage to unarmored opponents.

Unlike manual-reload, if you auto-reload with the shoot button, there's a 0.15s delay after shooting, so manual-reload is suggested to experienced players.

Along with the Sniper, it is also the heaviest weapon, having the slowest movement speed of all the weapons.

Because it only has a single shot before needing to reload, you might only get one chance to hit an enemy, if you hit the mark you can break the armor immediately.

Using throwables like the Grenade can help to force an opponent to abandon cover, making them easier targets. Following up after one shot with faster weapons.

Damage based on distance[edit | edit source]

Damage output depends on the distance traveled by a bullet before it hits the target. A bullet fired from the Hunting Rifle can travel up to 120 SAU, or 960px.

Calico huntingrifle.png
point blank
90 DMG
20 SAU
88.36 DMG
40 SAU
86.73 DMG
60 SAU
85.09 DMG
80 SAU
83.45 DMG
100 SAU
81.82 DMG
120 SAU
80.18 DMG
85 DMG
83.32 DMG
81.63 DMG
79.95 DMG
78.27 DMG
76.58 DMG
74.9 DMG
80 DMG
78.26 DMG
76.52 DMG
74.78 DMG
73.04 DMG
71.3 DMG
69.57 DMG

Skins[edit | edit source]

Weapon appearance can be customized with one of the following weapon skins:

Gun rifle grey-resources.assets-1277.png

Default Hunting Rifle

Gun rifle stpatrick-resources.assets-190.png

Lucky Hunting Rifle
St. Pawtrick's Day 2020

Patch History[edit | edit source]


  • Hunting Rifle has been added to the game.