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Rewards refers to animals, breeds, customizations and other items that are, or previously were, obtainable through certain means.


Super MilestonesEdit

Main article: Super Milestones

Super Milestones provide a way to unlock specific items through reaching certain goals, such as performing Super Jump Rolls, eating coconuts, or breaking crates.


Main article: Drops

Upon completing a match, a player is rewarded XP and   Animal DNA, with a chance to also receive  Super Serum, Super Magnets, and/or Customizations.


Main article: Level

Reaching certain levels unlocks the ability to obtain specific types of   Animal DNA as a random drop. Levels can also award customizations, there are currently four apparel items given to the players for leveling up.

Level 50 'alrite'

Rebellion Helmet
Level 100 'alrite'

SAW Security Uniform
Level 100 'satisfactorite'

Rebellion Sword
Level 100 'prettygoodite'

Research LabEdit

Main article: Research Lab

Research Lab allows players to unlock new animals and breeds by spending   Animal DNA and   Super Serum.