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Gun-shotgun grey.png
Damage per Pellet 293133
Bullet Range 707478 SAU
Damage Dropoff (higher is slower) 707478
Bullet Speed 105113121 SAU/s
Armor Pierce 1 per pellet
Hamster Ball Pierce 1/3 per pellet
Automatic No
Shot Interval 0.4s
Rate of Fire 150 RPM
Bullet Type Ammo shells.png Shells
Magazine Capacity 5
Reload Time 1.3s
Noisiness 215 SAU
Move Speed 100%
Move Speed (shooting) 0.82
Basic recoil while stationary / creeping / running 15° / 16° / 19°
Recoil added per shot while stationary or creeping / running 1.5° / 1.5°
Min recoil while jump roll / crouch roll 19° / 17°
Max recoil 20°
Recoil reset per second while stationary / creeping / running 17° / 17° / 15°

The Shotgun fires a cone of 5 pellets, individually dealing a small amount of damage, together adding up to more than a player's entire health bar. It is extremely effective at close range, but suffers at a distance.

As long as enough pellets connect with a target, a shotgun blast can strip all Armor. However, a single shotgun blast cannot damage both armor and HP at once, meaning even if all 5 pellets connect with an animal wearing level 1 armor, they will lose their armor but take no HP damage.

Weapon statistics[edit | edit source]

The Shotgun spawns with two boxes of 4 Ammo shells.png Shells each, 8 in total. The maximum rarity of the shotgun is Rare. The gun has one sound variant.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

The shotgun deals high damage when all the pellets hit, taking 2 full impact shots to take down an opponent with any level of armor. This makes it powerful in close combat and narrow spaces.

It is advantageous to use cover to close the distance to the opponent or to plan an ambush in a dead angle, waiting for the opportunity to eliminate the opponent.

Damage based on distance[edit | edit source]

Damage output of each pellet depends on the distance it travels it before it hits the target. A pellet fired from the Shotgun can travel up to 707478 SAU, or 560px592px624px.

point blank
33 DMG
20 SAU
24.54 DMG
40 SAU
16.08 DMG
60 SAU
7.62 DMG
31 DMG
22.62 DMG
14.24 DMG
5.86 DMG
29 DMG
20.71 DMG
12.43 DMG
4.14 DMG

Skins[edit | edit source]

Weapon appearance can be customized with one of the following weapon skins:

Gun-shotgun grey.png

Default Shotgun

Gun-shotgun blue.png

Blue Shotgun

Gun-shotgun purple.png

Purple Shotgun

Gun-shotgun yellow.png

Yellow Shotgun

Gun-shotgun green.png

Green Shotgun

Gun-shotgun orange.png

Orange Shotgun

Gun-shotgun pink.png

Pink Shotgun

Gun-shotgun red.png

Red Shotgun

Derivatives[edit | edit source]

The Shotgun is based off the SPAS-12 without the stock.

Patch History[edit | edit source]


  • New weapon-wide bullet spread system added
  • Pellets now spread out much more evenly
  • blasts no longer damage armour on a player if they were in a hamster ball


  • Bullets will now visually end at their maximum range


  • All weapon bullet speeds increased by about 6-8%