Specialty Cosmetics

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These are cosmetics that are unable to be traded up, usually coming from an event.

Beta[edit | edit source]

Cosmetics given for purchasing the game before release.

Founders[edit | edit source]

Founder's Edition Cosmetics

SAR Tonight[edit | edit source]

Super Animal Royale Tonight Cosmetics

Christmas[edit | edit source]

Only obtainable during Christmas Event 2018

Mango[edit | edit source]

Given as a special gift to Super Animal Mod Mango. There may be special occasions in the future to acquire it for yourself.

Year of the Super Pig[edit | edit source]

Year of the Super Pig 2018 Lunar Calendar Event

Super Duos Day[edit | edit source]

Super Duos Day

St. Pawtrick's Day[edit | edit source]

Admin[edit | edit source]

Given to all members of Pixile Studios, and Super Animal Mods.

Translator[edit | edit source]

Given to players who helped translate Super Animal Royale into other languages.

Content Creator[edit | edit source]

Given to content creators for their hard work!

April Fools' Day[edit | edit source]