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In-game map of Super Animal World

Super Animal World is a run-down, safari theme park and the primary location of Super Animal Royale. The island is composed mostly of woodland, but has a desert, a swamp, a tundra, as well as many beaches. Many clusters of houses dot the landscape, suggesting the staff of the original park lived on site as the island is otherwise surrounded by ocean. There are also several cargo dumps throughout the island, carrying an innumerable amount of goods.

S.A.W. Welcome Center[edit | edit source]

This is the main entrance the island and the pick up area for deagle. Players spawn in this area and it acts as the pre-game lobby. The area is littered with shops, dinners, and cafes. There is a fountain surrounded by hedges in the center, with four speakers at each corner. These speakers play a tune, presumably the theme song for the park. The tune is broken, filled with stutters and white noise after looping. To the right of the fountain is a campfire that ignites upon approach, as well as the infamous "party bush". This area is connected the rest of the island by bridges to the east, as well as 2 sandbars to the north.

Pete's Swamp[edit | edit source]

Pete's Swamp is a relatively small area just east of the Welcome Center. As the name implies, it is indeed a swamp. The area is divided into a small northern section and a larger southern section. Elaborate boardwalks covered in items weave through the swamp. There is very little cover however, and the narrow boardwalks make it hard to dodge bullets if a firefight breaks out. Otherwise, the area's sheer amount of items make it a prime spot for gathering weapons and armor in the early game.

Goldwood Woods[edit | edit source]

Goldwood Woods is the second largest area in the game with an area of 9 quadrants. It is a primarily composed of forest land that makes navigation tricky, especially while using a hamsterball. Beyond a few cluster of houses and small cargo yard there are few opportunities to find weapons and armor, making it a less desirable location in the early game. It is much better in the late game however as the trees provide plenty of cover and reduce the chances of being seen by enemies.