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Super Milestones allow you to earn cosmetics by reaching them. Once you reach a milestone, you will be awarded the corresponding cosmetic at the end of the match. Progress towards milestones is only accumulated during matches, meaning that grass cut, super jump rolls made, etc. in the lobby do not count towards completing milestones.

If new milestones are added that you have already achieved, the cosmetics will be awarded to you after your next game or games (maximum of 3 cosmetics per game). Milestones progression is based on player stats, and newly added statistics will require progress to be gained from the start.

Games Played[edit | edit source]

Wins (Total)[edit | edit source]

Kills (Total)[edit | edit source]

Melee Kills (Total)[edit | edit source]

Enemies Banana Slipped (Total)[edit | edit source]

Super Jump Rolls (Total)[edit | edit source]

Mole Crates Opened[edit | edit source]

Campfires Uses (Total)[edit | edit source]

Health Juice Drank (Total)[edit | edit source]

Coconuts Eaten (Total)[edit | edit source]

Super Tape Used (Total)[edit | edit source]

Enemy Armor Broken[edit | edit source]

Grass Cut (Total)[edit | edit source]

Hamster Ball Kills[edit | edit source]

Distance Traveled[edit | edit source]

Other[edit | edit source]