Super Powerups

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Super Powerups are a category of items that grant the player passive abilities. They can be found scattered around the island, and players can only hold one item at a time.

Powerup Look Description
Claw Boots
Attach-clawshoes.png Cuts grass automatically and increases grass loot drop rate by 2x. Also prevents sliding on ice.
Banana Forker
Attach-banancharm.png Turn bananas into tasty, 25 health snacks. Just don’t let them rot in the skunk gas or they’ll turn into inedible mush.
Ninja Booties
Attach-ninjashoes.png Be as quiet as a ninja with soft-padded paws. Walk 50% quieter, creep 12% faster, and creep-roll without making a sound.
Skunk Gas Vial
Attach-poisonvial.png Make your stab stronger (and stinkier) with 30 poison damage over three seconds on top of its regular damage.
Attach-enchancedjuice.png Heal 25% faster and impress your dorm mates with your chugging skills.