Super Powerups

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Super Powerups are a category of items that grant the player passive abilities. They can be found scattered around the island, and players can only hold one item at a time.

Powerup Look Description
Claw Boots
Attach-clawshoes.png Cuts grass automatically and increases grass loot drop rate by 2x. Also prevents sliding on ice.
Banana Forker
Attach-banancharm.png Turn bananas into tasty, 25 health snacks. Just don’t let them rot in the skunk gas or they’ll turn into inedible mush.
Ninja Booties
Attach-ninjashoes.png Be as quiet as a ninja with soft-padded paws. Walk 50% quieter, creep 12% faster, and creep-roll without making a sound.
Skunk Gas Vial
Attach-poisonvial.png Make your stab stronger (and stinkier) with 30 poison damage over three seconds on top of its regular damage. Also provides poison immunity from Poison Dart Gun or others using Skunk Gas Vial (but not Skunk Bombs.)
Attach-enchancedjuice.png Heal 25% faster and impress your dorm mates with your chugging skills.