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Term used to indicate an Animal's ammo-carrying limit[edit source]

I've changed the phrase

Animals can hold at most 120 Little Bullets to Animals can hold a maximum of 120 Little Bullets

because if at most is in the middle of a phrase (as it was, before my edit), then it must be set off by commas. For example, the standard punctuation would be

Animals can hold, at most, 120 Little Bullets

Breaking up these sentences like that would be bad. We could place at most at the end of the sentence, but the way it is now, the name of the particular type of ammunition being described in every sentence occurs at its end. That's good form, especially because it emphasizes that ammunition type. Thus, to say

Animals can hold 120 Little Bullets, at most

would correct a usage error, but it would weaken the style. Catsatchel (talk) 11:08, 20 January 2019 (UTC)